mGov4EU Executive Board Meeting Tartu/Estonia

The project is in its relatively final phase and the mGov4EU Executive Board meeting in Tartu marked the beginning of the last six months of the project. On 20th June, all partners met in Tartu to report on the project’s progress since the last meeting in Barcelona and to discuss the next steps. Besides the status update of the individual work packages, the first part of a Technical Integration Workshop was also conducted. The first day of the meeting was rounded off with a dinner afterwards, where the partners could also experience the famous “White Nights” due to the summer solstice in Estonia. The second day continued with the meeting where administrative things were decided, such as our next meeting in Stuttgart and more workshops on our book and on sustainability and co-creation took place. At the same time, the i-Voting pilot was tested by SCY and UTARTU. After the meeting, our partners DUK, Fraunhofer and UTARTU stayed together to prepare for the participation in dg.o 2023, from which you will also hear something soon.

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